Fury of the Fur

Trait Swapping

Choose any of the three (3) available traits to swap on any Ted you own.
Trait Swapping goes live in Q1 of 2023. You'll be able to swap out any of the 3 traits on your Ted that you'd like for 1 TS Token each.

What Traits Will Be Available?

Initially, we will be offering the ability to swap 3 trait types: Headgear, Body Armour and Equipment.
You will be able to swap between any available trait within the category except for "Legendary" traits. Via the application you will be able to see exactly what each Ted looks like with whatever trait you'd like to add to it before you actually choose a trait so there's no guesswork involved.

How Long Will It Take To Update?

Traits will be swapped and reviewed manually to ensure that all sizing and changes have been adjusted on the proper levels. After you submit your traits to be swapped please allow up to 72 hours for all trait swapping to be adjusted/shown on the blockchain.
You will need to refresh the metadata on your Ted as well to show this.

What Are TS Tokens?

TS Tokens, or Trait Swapping Tokens, are the ERC20 currency that will be used for swapping traits. These will be airdropped to holders via their wallets after they've purchased them on the Discord with Honey.
TS Tokens will be 50,000 Honey each.
Each current holder, at time of launch, will be granted a discount of 35,000 Honey on the first TS Token per Ted in their wallet. So if you hold 20 Teds you can purchase 20 TS Tokens at 15,000 each and then will need additional tokens if you want to use them. This will allow holders to use their TS Tokens as they see fit to update whatever Teds they'd like to or not update whatever ones they don't rather than gatekeeping it behind one trait per ted discounted.