Purchase $HNY

We have created a multi-tiered system for the purchase of Honey.

Exchange Rate

Currently the exchange rate is 1 HNY = $0.00025 USD / 0.00000015 ETH The exchange rate has been coded as adjustable into the Smart Contract of the Honey Exchange and as such can, and will, be changed by the FOTF Team to reflect current market conditions. Exchange rate is reviewed on a weekly basis. The amount of $HNY you receive is calculate by taking the Amount You Send * the Exchange Rate

        uint256 tokenAmount = honeyPotPrice.mul(exchangeRate);

Purchase Options

The Honey Stash and Honey Jar purchase options will have a 10% and 20% Bonus amount of $HNY added to them for the larger purchase option. This is calculated by

uint256 bonusTokens = tokenAmountBefore.mul(20).div(100);

Which, basically, just takes the total amount of tokens you would have gotten which is Purchase Price x Exchange Rate and multiplies it by 20 and then divides by 100 for the 20% discount. You just change out 10 for 20 for the 10% discount. IE: Currently the Honey Stash will get you x=eth*exchange rate - (x)+(x*20/100) - 99,999.99+(99999.99*20/100) - 99,999.99+19,999.98 - 119,999.988 $HNY

Coming Soon

We will be adding a standard open purchase option to the application shortly that will allow the user to input a specific amount of ETH they want to spend and receive a certain amount of tokens or vice versa where you can enter how much $HNY you need and it will calculate the amount of ETH for you.

It is important to note that neither Fury of the Fur nor Sneaky Bird Labs maintains, has any plan to create or maintain or financially supports any liquidity with the $HNY Token. Any liquidity pools reflected by the token were created, and thus maintained, by community members and should carry no expectation of profit or gain.

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