Fury of the Fur


A story-driven collection fueled with art utility and guided by 9671 revolting Teds, ERC-721 based tokens built on the Polygon blockchain.
Each Ted is fully unique. Every FOTF gets a uniquely generated combination of traits that will not be replicated in any other Ted. There are no copies. These are all 1/1s (as the term goes) existing on the chain and are 100% their own.
Holding one Ted gives you access to everything. From the moment you purchase your Ted you are granted full access to the FOTF Ecosystem. We do not believe in limiting any benefits behind a certain amount or being considered a whale. Whether you hold 1 ted or 100 you're granted access to our full scope of utilities.

Our Traits

Fully Unique: While Teds often share Backgrounds or Eyes they are all separated out by their DNA, Equipment, and Headgear.
Teds come with 6 different combinations of unique traits.
Body Armour
There are 257 unique pieces of Equipment that can be held by your Ted with an additional 28 "Legendary" pieces of equipment. These range anywhere from an old school pistol, to a donut, to ice cream to a full director set up. Your equipment can set the tone for your Teds entire story and as such is the most common thing swapped using the Trait Swapping mechanic.
There are 193 unique Headgear traits available with an additional 28 "Legendary" pieces of Headgear. Headgear is second only to Equipment in the amount of different styles of traits. Your Headgear can range from hair to mask to bandanas and even some melted ice cream. Headgear helps really set your Ted apart from other Teds that may share a trait or two. Headgear will be available via Trait Swapping.
There are 67 unique Body Armour traits available with an additional 28 "Legendary" Body Armour traits. The most common body armour is Bare Bear with 79% of the total amount sharing this trait making Body Armour one of the rarest traits to have on your Ted. Bod Armour will be available for Trait Swapping.
There are 44 unique backgrounds with 28 additional "Legendary" backgrounds for a total of 72. Backgrounds are one of the only traits that will not be changeable via the Trait Swapping mechanic.
There are 243 unique DNAs with an additional 28 "Legendary" DNAs. DNA is by far the most unique aspect of all Teds. No two DNAs are alike and all have a unique characteristic, style and feel about them. DNA will be the another trait not available to be changed via the Trait Swapping mechanic. Your Teds DNA is set in stone, it can never be changed.
There are 69 unique Eye traits with an additional 28 "Legendary" Eye traits. Eye traits range from solid matte colors to stylized, texturize patterns. Eyes will not initially be available via the Trait Swapping mechanic.

Full Commercial Ownership

Full IP Ownership

Each Ted comes with full IP ownership of every Ted minted to whoever holds the Ted in their wallet. Digital ownership will be verifiable through the blockchain and IP rights pass to each new user upon the sale of an item.

Proving IP Ownership

IP Ownership is transferrable across the blockchain. If you'd like to ensure that you have the proper documentation you can find a link to our IP release documentation here.