Fury of the Fur

Welcome to FOTF

Welcome to the Official Fury of the Fur Documentation and help resource center. You can find any information on available lore, animations, utility, merchandise, and apparel in this documentation.

What is Fury of the Fur?

Simply put, it's what web3 is supposed to be. Fury of the Fur is a brand with a lot of history behind it but now it's a community ran brand that puts the power in the holder's hands. Digital Assets have given new meaning to how brands and holders can interact with each other. True digital ownership given to the masses without the greed that comes from big corporations.
The ever increasing popularity of crypto currency has become riddled with tens of thousands of useless NFT projects where people are only out to make a quick buck. Fury of the Fur would have been one of those projects were it not for the community stepping up and wrestling back control from the first team.
Now, Fury of the Fur takes out of the box thinking and web2.5 integration to an entirely new level. Our focus on animation and branding over just dropping another project separate us from the rest, while our closed ecosystem economy centered around $HONEY provides holders with a constant stream of value.

Let's Dive Into the FOTF Universe!

Dive into the FOTF Universe and learn everything that is offered when you become a member of our community and a deeper understanding of what's to come:
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