Add Honey (HNY) To Your Wallet

Adding the HNY Token to your wallet is very simple. Below you will find two different instruction methods.

The Easiest Method

The easiest way to add the HNY Token to your Metamask Wallet is to visit and on the right side (under Profile Summary) you will see a button that says More v. Click that and choose add to Metamask.

Not Using MetaMask?

If you're not using Metamask it may be a bit harder to add HNY to your wallet. For most wallets you will go to Assets and then hit Import Custom Token. There it will ask you to fill in the following information:

  • Contract Address: 0xd8495F616fDCD9710b76c19Ab81cCf98f12c5A2B

  • Token Symbol: HNYv2

  • Decimal Points: 18

Most often after you enter the contract address it will autofill for you.

You MUST import the Token to every iteration of your wallet separately. If you do it on your Desktop you will again have to do it on your Mobile Application as well.

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