Fury of the Fur

Tokenomics by ENCTR

We've taken the standard NFT Tokenomics and turned it on its head. By partnering with an outside Token we ensure a liquidity pool for our holders outside of the success of the project.
Holders of FOTF will be able to purchase ENCTR at a HIGHLY discounted rate. These tokenomics will, gradually, be introduced and adjusted as the project grows.

What is ENCTR?

ENCTR (pronounced Encounter) is our partnered project to provide our Tokenomics. ENCTR is a separate ecosystem from FOTF which means that they have a real liquidity pool that is not dependent on FOTF buying and selling.
What is ENCTR?
Read the Full Documentation on ENCTR Here

Why Not Our Own Token?

Liquidity, liquidity, liquidity. That's the most simple answer. We didn't want to be another project with another "utility token" that had no real value. We wanted our holders to be able to passively earn REAL income backed by a REAL liquidity pool.
When we took over the project we simply did not have the treasury to support growing the project and creating a liquidity pool for our token. So we chose to partner with ENCTR and provide holders with a discounted Bond to purchase ENCTR.

Does Every Ted Get Free ENCTR?

No. We had released a Founder's Bundle to raise 11 ETH which would have given us a solid treasury to buy ENCTR and start allowing each Ted to passively earn without having to spend anymore of their own Money. We didn't get to that number and, as such, were unable to create a real liquidity pool so we found the best secondary option. The discount we provide is great enough that you only have to invest the same amount you spent on your Ted in order to get your money back after 7 days and be at 100% ROI for what you've spent on Teds and still have ENCTR earning you passively.
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The Announcement on Why This Decision Was Made.

How Can I Earn?

Bonds take 5 days to mature. After your purchase you must wait five (5) days for them to mature and have the ENCTR added to your wallet in either s or g formats. During the 5 day period you will be collecting rebase rewards and earning additional amounts of ENCTR every 8 hours.
After your Bond has matured you can either leave it staked to passively earn rewards or simply sell it on the open market for whatever the price increase is.
For example you can get a bond for $7.00 while the current price of ENCTR is $11.00. If you buy just one (1) ENCTR you will have made $4.00 in seven days. This increases with the amount that you put in.

How To Purchase?

ENCTR is a pretty in depth system and lives on Polygon (a layer 2 solution to Ethereum). It gets pretty advanced to go through and we recommend reading through the following documentation to learn as much as you can about the process.
If you're ready to just purchase now you can by clicking the link below: