🍼Birth Certificate Distribution

Holders of Birth Certificates get a monthly distribution of ENCTR based on the rebase rewards granted for that monthly period.

Birth Certificate Holders have a set amount of sENCTR that exists in the treasury earning rebase rewards at all times. This amount is 200 sENCTR.

Each month whatever rebase rewards we've accrued over those 200 sENCTR are distributed out among birth certificate holders as ENCTR.

Treasury Amount and Increase

The total treasury amount currently is 200 sENCTR based on the initial purchases of Birth Certificates. All secondary royalties from Birth Certificate sales will go into the treasury to increase that amount and continue to provide value to holders. As the treasury amount increases this page will be updated with the total amount.

Payout Amount

Payouts are easy enough to find out by doing some simple math:

So this equation would give you the payout per certificate where p = payout amount and i = the current index found on foft.enctr.gg/finance/stake

As an example for last months payout the math would have been:

The Wallet Where is it Located?

As with everything we aim to be as transparent as possible. You can track all ENCTR movement via the Treasury Wallet: 0xF6EbD4Ab852A3b875408c184A624Dc92130D008e


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