🎫How To Purchase

A few simple steps to getting assets onto Polygon and then purchasing your Bond.

Bonds are smart contract enforced agreements between a User and a Protocol that allow the Protocol to easily acquire the assets that it needs for growth and stability.

Step 1: Bridge Your Assets

ENCTR Lives on Polygon so you will need to start by bridging your assets up from Ethererum to Polygon. You can do that easily through the Polygon Bridge, one of the most secure bridges in the network.

Connect your wallet and you'll be brought into the bridge. Make sure you're on the Ethereum chain. If you aren't you will see this button:

  • Put in the max amount you want to bridge. Remember that DAI is a stablecoin so it will always have a value of $1 USD. If you already have DAI on Ethereum you can also just bridge that up by choosing DAI. You will need to approve the transaction as you would any other transaction on either network.

You must approve every contract interaction to interact with your wallet if it is moving funds or tokens. This is the main security feature of the blockchain.

  • After your transaction has confirmed on Ethereum it will need to confirm on Polygon as well. This process takes a few minutes, up to 25 minutes, depending on the network

Step 2: Converting/Swapping Your Tokens

Once it's confirmed you'll want to visit:

From here you'll see your total balance on the Polygon Mainnet. Take a peek in the top right corner and make sure you are on the Polygon network. If you're not click this button:

Now, head to:

Choose the amount in the top and then choose DAI below so it looks like this:

Once that has been done go back to the same page and then swap 1 DAI for MATIC. You'll need MATIC to pay gas but 1 matic is more than enough to cover all your transactions for getting your ENCTR bond, claiming it, and transferring it if you choose to after it's been matured.

You may need to refresh the application to see your balances updated depending on Network speed. It's always best to refresh anyway just in case to make sure you are seeing the proper amounts reflected from the blockchain.

Awesome, that's complete! Now we can get over to the ENCTR app and purchase our bonds.

Step 3: Buying Your Bond

After zapping make sure you click back to the FOTF section if it takes you back to the normal bond section.

This is where it gets a little tricky. We’ve updated our bond to an LP Bond. It’s more beneficial to both parties and provides FOTF members with the added benefits of contributing to the liquidity pool rather than the treasury so you’ll see price fluctuations and volume increase which makes your ENCTR worth more.

When you get to fotf.enctr.gg you'll see the bond and a button that says Get LP Tokens. Click that, enter the amount of DAI and then bam it'll be zapped into your wallet for you! Now you just click purchase and you're good to go πŸ™‚

You can purchase any amount of DAI, ENCTR and LP tokens as your heart desires. It does not have to be 1-1, does not even have to be the bond price. You can use as little as 1 DAI to purchase your first bond.

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