Fury of the Fur

Teddys by FOTF

Teddys by FOTF is the first major charity initiative designed by the Fury of the Fur team. With over $12,000 USD donated to three charities chosen by the community.
Teddy by FOTF - A Major Charity Initiative and 2nd Generation Collection
Originally created to be a branch into the Myria ecosystem and the first FOTF forray into a Layer 2 solution Teddy by FOTF rapidly evolved into a charity initiative on the layer one chain while Myria was continuing to build its structure.
Now, Teddy by FOTF (Teddies) have raised over $12,000 across three charities and continue to raise a substantial amount through secondary sales to a new charity each month.

Teddy Staking Rewards

Teddies will lead the charge in FOTF Staking with various rewards distributed across the channels. Full information for Teddy Staking can be found in the Staking Rewardssection. Any user that stakes 30 Teddies grants FOTF the IP usage rights of their Teddies in exchange for a percentage of the Fury of the Fur Animation revenue. This does not constitue an investment but rather a licensing agreement between Sneaky Bird Labs and the holder of the NFT.
Staking goes live 11/14/2022.