Fury of the Fur

Meet the Team

Fury of the Fur is ran by the Sneaky Bird Labs team and a team of dedicated management professionals for the community.
Fury of the Fur is ran by a fully doxxed and professional team with an extensive range of experiences building brands. With a deep crypto knowledge, they are devoted to the growth and success of taking FOTF from just an NFT project to a global brand.

Sneaky Bird Labs Team

Aaron Nichols, CEO Sneaky Bird Labs
Responsible for managing the business growth of Fury of the Fur and overseeing all development.
Jack Dearne - COO, Sneaky Bird Labs
Responsible for managing all aspects of the Fury of the Fur community, including the Discord and Social Media team.
Christopher Azoon, EVP of Animation @ SBL
An executive producer on the FOTF Animated Series, Christopher makes sure things are running smooth.
King Fury, EVP-EC Sneaky Bird Labs
As the Executive Vice President of Event Coordination King handles all FOTF related IRL and digital events.
Chris Deck, CTO Sneaky Bird Labs
Chris leads the charge in all areas of application development within the Sneaky Bird Labs ecosystem, including FOTF


The entire community demonstrates their commitment to the community through means of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure. Every FOTF NFT counts as one vote in the DAO ecosystem which gives every holder a say in how the project is run. The FOTF DAO is funded 100% by mint profits and OpenSea royalties collected in perpetuity.
FOTF stands as a beacon of hope for the everyday NFT user that's bought into a project and was taken advantage of. If we can come from a rugged project to a global storytelling brand than any other project, with a strong community, can do the same. The Team's absolute mission is to prove to the world as a whole that not only can digital ownership provide life changing value to holders but that the barrier of entry does not have to be insanely high to participate.
The Team aims to show that through hard work, execution and, most importantly, transparency you can build a global powerhouse in the latest upgrade to society, Web3.