Fury of the Fur


An integral part of any NFT project, the way that FOTF will approach staking is different to other projects. No set time required.
Staking is something that is crucial to any NFT project. At Fury of the Fur we've always been about providing the most value to our holders as possible and our approach to Staking will be no different.
Staking has been introduced for Teddy by FOTF ONLY.
You can visit our application to stake your Teddies to earn 100 Honey per day, per Teddy. Full breakdown of the Staking Rewards can be found in the Broken linksection under Economy on the left hand side. Teddy staking is not time locked. You can withdraw one, many or all of your Teddy NFTs at any point with whatever rewards you've accrued up to that point. Rewards are distributed on a block to block basis.