Fury of the Fur


Honey is our in-universe economy solution. Honey was transitioned to an ERC20 Token (HNY) December 2022 and the Discord Currency is scheduled to be fully removed by the end of Q1 2023.
Every Teddy Earns Honey. By visiting our application you are able to stake your Teddies to start earning Honey. As of December 2022 this will be the only way to earn Honey (HNY) within the FOTF ecosystem. The Discord Generation of Honey will still be set up but MUST be manually claimed. We expect the claim function to be live no later than Q2 2023. In the meantime, this will require some interaction with the FOTF team via our Ticketing System.
Honey is used for EVERYTHING. Everything that FOTF releases can be purchased with Honey. Mint passes for future collections, apparel, merchandise can all be purchased with Honey. Only partnerships outside of the FOTF Universe can not be purchased with Honey.
Honey is currently still on Discord and requires some interaction with the user and the FOTF Team.

How To Earn?

Teddy Staking: By heading to the Fury of the Fur application linked above and in Official Links you can stake your Teddies. Staking rewards are detailed in Staking Rewards​
Teddy Staking is currently the only way to earn the ERC20 Honey (HNY) Token. In the future this will be tied with the Discord Economy.
Role Generation: Users earn honey based on their role in the Discord server which is updated through the amount of Teds you hold.
Your role on the discord is dependent on the amount of Teds you hold. Full information on roles can be found here.
Ted Council - Holder
Elder Ted
Cub Scout
75 Every 1 Day
75 Every 1 Day
100 Every 1 Week
Grizzly Unit
Kodiak Unit
110 Every 1 Week
120 Every 1 Week
130 Every 1 Week
Birth Certificate Holder
140 Every 1 Week
500 Every 4 Weeks
Payouts stack on top of each other so if you are a Holder + Cub Scout you are earning 75 per day + 100 per week. If you are a Holder + Cub Scout + Grizzly Unit you will earn 75 per day + 210 per week.
Working and Casino will be removed from the Honey System moving forward in the future and will be replaced with a different currency for Discord Only usage.
You can also earn honey every two (2) hours by working in the Working-Hard channel. Simply use the command !work to go to work and get a randomly generated job and amount of honey.
Feeling lucky? We have a casino where you can go play a variety of games where you wager your honey. Visit The Casino in the Discord to learn more and find all the commands via the Pinned Message.
You can also earn Honey just by being active in the server. For every message you send you generate 5-15 honey per minute per message. Activity in the server is the best way to earn Honey.

ERC-20 Token


Honey (HNY) was released December 2022 and will begin replacing the entire economy. The expected full release and integration of HNY is End of Q1 2023.