Fury of the Fur

Megazord Protocol

The Megazord Protocol will reward our large scale holders with the ability to transfer 25 Teds and 150,000 Honey into one "Legendary".
Teds are addictive. There's no way around it and many holders have found themselves holding close to three digits worth of Teds. With the introduction of Teddies taking the main utility role, holding too many Teds has become a challenge vs a reward. To solve that we've introduced the Megazord Protocol.

How Will It Work?

It will be very easy. You'll log onto the app and connect your wallet. It will display all the Teds you have and you can choose 25 to convert through the Megazord Protocol. Through the protocol 24 of those will be sent will be transferred to the Megazord Contract, along with 150,000 Honey and one of them will be returned to you with updated Metadata. To begin the Megazord Protocol you will need to buy one of the passes in the Discord via the Honey Mall. This pass will grant you access to 25 Teds deposited. You may submit a minimum of 15 Teds + 25,000 Honey per Ted below 25 + 150,000 Base Price. For each Ted under 25,000 you will need to also purchase a MP+ Pass via the Discord for each Ted underneath. For Example: You may submit 22 Teds. In order to do so, however, you will need to buy the MP Pass + 3 MP+ Passes for a total of 225,000 Honey.
This will not be creating new Legendary Teds or adding to the supply. Instead it will be removing 24 from the available supply and changing the metadata URI of one of the Teds to include Legendary metadata.


The Megazord Protocol will launch the week of November 14th, 2022 and the first iteration and design will run from launch until November 30th, 2022. The first returned Legendaries will be distributed on December 7, 2022 when a new round will begin on December 8, 2022.