Fury of the Fur

Staking Rewards

No time-lock staking required but is offered.

Teddy Staking Rewards

Teddy Staking Rewards will be delivered as followed:
Amount Staked
Honey Multiplier (Base 100/Teddy/Day))
Additional Time Locked Rewards
1x Multiplier
Build a Teddy Access
1.2x Multiplier
1 TS Token / Month
1.35x Multiplier
2 TS Token / Month
1.45x Multiplier
3 TS Token / Month
1.5x Multiplier
Licensing Agreement For FOTF Animation
All Additional Rewards are a tier based system where you receive the final tier you've reach PLUS all additional tiers below. Meaning if you stake 30+ Teds you will receive the Licensing Agreement, One Free Merch Piece Per Drop, 30% Discount Codes, 1 TS Token per Month and Build a Teddy access.
Additionally, all staked Teddies will receive guaranteed mint access to all future Fury of the Fur drops and allow list access to all Sneaky Bird Labs projects.

Time Locked Rewards

All of the staking with Fury of the Fur is not time locked. You will earn your Honey rewards daily as long as your Teddy is staked at the time of the reward distribution. For additional Time Lock Rewards you must stake your Teddy for a time-locked 30 day period.
Additional Time Locking of 60 and 90 Days will be announced in the future and come with additional rewards and multipliers.